Hollow corundum microspheres

The Hollow Corundum Microspheres (HCM) are made of aluminum oxide with purity of 99.6%, particle size from 5 to 180 microns, density from 0.8 to 2.0 gram per cm3, refractoriness 1800°C and cold crushing strength from 40 to 120 MPa, it show the excellent thermal shock resistance, abrasivity and the high chemical resistance. The main applications of the Hollow Corundum Microspheres are refectories, abrasives, catalysis for gas and liquids, ceramic filters, thermal insulation paints, plasma coating layers.

Liquid heat-insulating coating TISS Universal
Coating TISS UNIVERSAL - a high-tech energy-saving coating designed for thermal insulation and protection from condensation of residential buildings, town houses , villas , balconies, attics, basements, cellars , piping hot and cold water , heating , ventilation , and so on.