Hollow corundum microspheres Ni-HCM

The main feature of the use of nickel-coated hollow corundum microspheres (Ni-HCM) is their self-sharpening capability due to pore-forming agents in diamond grinding wheels, diamond tools, diamond cutting wheels and grinding stones.
The strength of a diamond grain is much higher than that of a Ni-HCM microsphere; therefore, it is the diamond grains that cut and tear the metal part, while "exposed" Ni-HCM microspheres remove metal burrs and then crumble, forming new sharp edges.
This self-sharpening effect helps to achieve the following:
  • Smaller surface roughness of the processed metal in one pass of a diamond tool with 15-30% Ni-HCM.
  • Improvement of the cutting properties of the abrasive tool due to the presence of Ni-HCM microspheres increases the service life of a diamond tool by 30-50%.
  • Artificial porosity in diamond tools helps to reduce grinding time.
  • The abrasive tool does not need resharpening, as the internal cavity of Ni-HCM and the space around it is cleaned with liquid, effectively increasing the quantity of processed metal products and prolonging the life of the abrasive tool.
  • High adhesion properties of Ni-HCM when bonding to metal or plastics provide for attachment of microspheres to a diamond tool.

Properties of Ni-HCM

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Types of hollow corundum microspheres with nickel coating (Ni-HCM)

Размер Микрон 5-100 70-180 5-40 40-70 70-100 100-140 140-180
Ni % 3-25
Al2O3 % 99,6
Fe2O3 % 0,003
CaO % 0,01
SiO2 % 0,025
Na2O % 0,26
LOI*, No more than % 0,48
a-Al2O3 % 28
Bulk density g/cm3 1,8-2,4
LOI*, % - relative mass change when baking
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