Nickel-plated hollow zirconium oxide microspheres (Ni-HZM)

Nickel-plated hollow zirconium oxide microspheres (Ni-HZM-8Y) stabilized with yttrium oxide are used for plasma spraying and as a filler for metal-ceramic materials.

Hollow corundum microspheres (HCM)

The Hollow Corundum Microspheres (HCM) are made of aluminum oxide with purity of 99.6%, has a round shape with wide surface, particle size from 5 to 180 microns, density from 0.8 to 2.0 gram per cm3, refractoriness 1800 °C and cold crushing strength from 40 to 120 MPa. In the photos taken by an optic and an electron microscope is visible a wide surface of HCM, a particle size and the crashing walls of the HCM.

Hollow corundum microspheres Ni-HCM

The main feature of the use of nickel-coated hollow corundum microspheres (Ni-HCM) is their self-sharpening capability due to pore-forming agents in diamond grinding wheels, diamond tools, diamond cutting wheels and grinding stones.

Hollow zirconium oxide microspheres (HZM)

Properties of HZM: Main material: zirconium oxide stabilized with 8% yttrium oxide; Spherical shape; Developed microsphere surface, cm2/cm3; Microsphere size: 5-100 μm; Bulk density: 2.5-2.7 g/cm3.

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